German (GER)

GER 101. Beginning German I. (3 Credits)

Beginning German I is for students who have had no previous formal course work in German. Students will begin to develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in the German language. An orientation to the culture of German-speaking countries is an integral part of the course.

Prerequisite: None

GER 102. Beginning German II. (3 Credits)

Beginning German II is for students who have had one semester of formal course work in German or the equivalent. Students will continue to develop basic listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in the German language. An orientation to the culture of German-speaking countries is an integral part of the course.

Prerequisite: None

GER 201. Intermed German I. (3 Credits)

Intermediate German I reviews German syntax, morphology and vocabulary with modern German readings. German writing, conversation and modern culture is also emphasized.

Prerequisite: None

GER 202. Intermed German II. (3 Credits)

puts continued emphasis on the refinement of German grammatical structures, reading ability, writing and conversational skills in German. Reading short stories and essays develops an appreciation of contemporary German Literature and culture. 3 credits.

Prerequisites: GER 201 or equivalent.

GER 210. Intermediate Theological German I. (3 Credits)

GER 220. Intermediate Theological German II. (3 Credits)


GER 300. Modern German Culture. (3 Credits)

Modern Culture of German-speaking Countries explores issues of modern-day life using readings and articles pertinent to the German-speaking countries. German conversation, writing and research are emphasized.

Prerequisite: None

GER 301. German Con & Comp. (3 Credits)

GER 301 provides extensive practice in conversation and writing. The class is conducted primarily in German.

Prerequisite: None

GER 305. German Immersion Experience. (0 Credits)

GER 306. Ger Lit:1750-Present. (3 Credits)

traces the development of German literature from the time of Lessing to the present. High reading comprehension ability in German is essential. 3 credits.

Prerequisites: GER 202 or its equivalent.

GER 307. Linguistics. (3 Credits)

introduces the basic terminology and concepts of linguistics as applied to the German language. It also presents the sound system, morphology, and syntax of German as compared to English and investigates topics in language acquisition. 3 credits.

Prerequisites: GER 301.

GER 310. GERMAN FOR READING. (3 Credits)

GER 311. German Conversation and Composition. (3 Credits)

GER 315. Topics in German Conversation. (1 Credit)

is designed for flexible scheduling and the ability to discuss a wide range of topics to serve the needs of majors, minors, and others who simply want to maintain and improve their language skills. This course will help students review and expand their vocabulary through out-of-class preparation on a variety of topics. Each 1-credit course will have a different topic, and majors and minors must take this course three different times for a total of three credits. 1 credit.

Prerequisites: GER 202.

GER 316. Readings in German Theology. (3 Credits)

GER 331. Advanced German Grammar. (3 Credits)

GER 331 focuses on the review of the more difficult grammatical structures of the German language and on improving writing and conversation skills at the advanced level.

Prerequisites: GER 301 or equivalent.

GER 361. German Civ & Culture. (3 Credits)

GER 361 provides an overview of German history and culture from the beginnings to the present. .

Prerequisite: None


GER 363. Topics in German Civ & Cul. (3 Credits)


provides students with an opportunity to explore the issues that face a reunified German society. 2 - 3 credits.

Prerequisites: GER 202.

GER 380. Die Lutherbibel. (3 Credits)

GER 399. Independent Study. (1-6 Credits)

GER 490. Senior Seminar. (3 Credits)