Early Childhood (ECE)

ECE 100. Develop Child: Birth to Age 8. (3 Credits)

ECE 200. Play and Human Development. (3 Credits)

ECE 201. Social Found of Early Ch Ed. (3 Credits)

ECE 250. Planning C & I for Young Child. (3 Credits)

ECE 260. Health,Safety,Nutrition in EC. (3 Credits)

ECE 300. Child Guidance & Class Mgmt. (3 Credits)

ECE 310. Assessment of Young Children. (3 Credits)

Assessment of Young Children describes purposes and techniques of formal and informal assessment, including observation, analysis and reporting of results. The application of assessment data in planning developmentally appropriate activities for children will be discussed.

Prerequisite: None

ECE 315. Learn/Creative Expression EC. (2 Credits)

ECE 325. Teach Exceptl & Diverse Child. (3 Credits)

ECE 330. Math & Science for Young Child. (2 Credits)

ECE 345. Emergent Literacy in ECE. (2 Credits)

ECE 370. Partnerships in ECE. (3 Credits)

Partnerships in ECE will present research and strategies related to strengthening the school/family/community partnership, including communication, shared decision-making, identification of services, and parenting skills.

Prerequisite: None

ECE 405. Early Childhood Program Admin. (2 Credits)

ECE 425. Infant/Toddler Seminar. (2 Credits)

ECE 450. Early Child Ed Practicum. (2 Credits)

ECE 483. Early Childhood Senior Project. (1-2 Credits)