Child Life Specialist (CLS)

CLS 311. Family Systems Theory in Child Life. (3 Credits)

CLS 333. The Hospitalized Child with Therapeutic Interventions. (3 Credits)

This course provides fundamental skill in helping children and families cope with the stress of a health care experience through the role of the child life specialist as a member of the health care team.

CLS 335. Child Life Specialist Seminar. (3 Credits)

This course examines professional issues relevant to the child life profession. Child life students will develop skills for nurturing oneself while providing effective psychosocial care for others.

CLS 336. Therapeutic Play. (3 Credits)

This course provides an introduction to the classic and contemporary theories of play; the assessment, planning, and implementation of therapeutic play interventions aimed to help pediatric and adolescent patients process and cope with the stressors of illness and healthcare experiences; structuring and selecting materials for healthcare play areas; and, the rationale for advocating for play within the healthcare setting.

CLS 391. The Child Life Practicum Experience. (3 Credits)

CLS 400. The Child Affected by Death, Dying and Grief. (3 Credits)

This course examines the impact of the last stage of life on children and their families while providing skills for supporting children and families during death, dying, and grieving. The child life student will study current theories and practices related to death and dying from the standpoint of developmental and learning theory. The child life student will learn intervention methods and skills for working with children who are dying or bereaved, and ways that loved ones can support the bereaved child.

CLS 491. The Child Life Internship. (12 Credits)

The capstone experience for a child life minor is in the fourth year and is a full- time internship. Students use learned academic information and field experiences to serve in a hospital or other medical setting with children for a minimum of 480 hours during one semester under the supervision/mentorship of a certified child life specialist. Prerequisites: CLS 390, CLS 391 and faculty permission.
Prerequisites: CLS 390 and 391.