Traditional Students - Core

The Core Curriculum

The Concordia Core is divided into two parts: the Concordia Common Core (18 credits) and the Liberal Arts Dimensions (27 credits). The Concordia Common Core is comprised of six classes, each unique to Concordia, that cannot be transferred in; these classes are required of all students, regardless of major. Two of the classes center on the core theme of Faith; the other four classes each address two core themes. The intent is to build a sense of community, to instill a sense of what it means to be a Concordian, to provide an opportunity to present important subject matter from our distinctly Lutheran perspective. This provides a framework, a commonality, to the intellectual life of the campus. To this end, campus events are organized around selected themes that are presented in these classes.

Students entering Concordia University without an Associates Degree, and not transferring in at least 60 credits will be required to fulfill the Core Curriculum.

Common Core Experience18
Liberal Arts Dimensions27
Required Elements: (no additional credits hours needed)
Culture - One of the classes the student takes to satisfy the Liberal Arts Dimensions of the core must have a "Culture" designation. Selections are noted with an *. Any travel study (TS) course also satisfies this requirement.
Writing Intensive - Two courses must have a "Writing Intensive" designation, one of which must be in the core. Currently CCE110 is being offered as a Writing Intensive Course. Some sections of REL100 and REL110 are also being offered as Writing Intensive.
Total Hours45

Traditional Common Core Experience Core Courses

REL 100The Bible (or)3
Old Testament
and New Testament
REL 110Christian Faith3
or REL 204 Biblical Theology
CCE 110Western Culture & Worldview3
CCE 120Western Thought & Worldview3
CCE 130Christian Citizen3
CCE 140Science & Humanity3
Total Hours18

Traditional Faith and Life Core Courses

Non-church work students - any REL course with a number above 2043
Church work students - check with your advisor3

Traditional Natural World Core Courses

Science Core with Lab4
General Biology I
Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology
Environmental Science
Human Anatomy and Physiology I
Ecology of the Tropics
and Ecology of the Tropics-Lab *
Elements of General and Biological Chemistry
Introductory Astronomy
General Physics I
Introduction to Life and Physical Sciences
Earth Science
This requirement is also met by any 4-credit lab course, including some that may be required by specific majors.
Mathematics or Computer Science3
Foundations of Computer Science
Contemporary Math 1
Number Sense: Teaching Pre K-9
and Data & Space: Teaching Pre K-9 2
Total Hours7

Traditional Society and Culture Core Courses

Select one course from the following list3
Cross-Cultural Communication *
Principles of Economics
Cultural Geography *
American Civilization
Non-Western World:A History Non-Western World:A History Non-Western World: A History *
Western Historical Perspective
History of Christianity
History of Food
The Civil War
Sports of the World *
The Ancient World *
Rats, Lice & Mice: Hist of Disease *
Ancient Civilizations *
History & Culture of Latin America *
Modern Africa *
History of Modern Japan *
Modern Middle East *
Empires: East & West *
World of Superheroes
Asia on Fire *
Byzantium *
Imperial China *
History of Modern China *
America and Vietnam *
European National History
Introduction to Political Science
American Government
American Politics and Health Care Policy
Introduction to Sociology
Total Hours3

Traditional Human Beings and Being Human Core Courses

HHP 100Stewardship of the Body1
HHP Activity Course1
Select 1 course from the following list:3
Environmental Law & Politics
General Psychology
Interpersonal Communication
Any PHIL course except PHIL 101
Total Hours5

Traditional Human Creativity and Expression Core Courses

Select one course from the following list:3
Design Fundamentals
2-D Composition
Digital Photography I
Darkroom Photography I
Drawing Fundamentals
Drawing for Art Majors
Art Fundamentals
Loom Weaving Fundamentals
Ceramics I
Sculpture I
3-D Design
Outdoor Drawing & Painting
Printmaking Studio I
Photography II
Drawing II:Assorted Media
Color & Media Dynamics
Painting I
Advanced Ceramics
Sculpture I
Sculpture II
Appl Design:Calligraphy
Art History I
Art History II
Art in Italy
Appl Design-Stain Glass
Appl'd Design-Clay
Applied Design - Metals
Digital Design Fundamentals
Graphic Design I
Civilization & Worldviews: Lit
Advanced Writing
Creative Writing
Piano Class for Beginners
Guitar Class
Creative Arts: Music
Chapel Ringers
Symphonic Wind Ensemble
Chapel Choir
Alleluia Ringers
Falcon Pep Band
Jazz Ensemble
String Ensemble/Chamber Orchestra
University Band
Concordia Civic Chorale
Basic Dance
Orientation to Theatre
Choreography for the Stage
Voice & Speech for the Actor
Acting for the Camera
Stagecraft I: Intro Stagecraft
Producing Children's Theatre
Acting I: Introduction to Acting
Musical Theatre and Dancing
Total Hours3

Traditional Communication and Language Core Courses

ENG 104Introduction to Writing3
Select one course from the following list3
Public Speaking
Interpersonal Communication
Beginning Chinese I *
FRE (any) *
GER (any) *
GRK (any) *
HEB (any) *
LAT (any) *
Sign Language I *
SPAN (any) *
Total Hours6