English Certificate (M)

While pursuing a certificate in English students will demonstrate a familiarity with English and American literature and articulate the connections of a literary tradition across space/time.  They will also identify and employ principles of rhetoric and rhetorical analysis and demonstrate an understanding of the English language as a linguistic system in terms of its structure, usage, and/or development.


American Literature
ENG 341American Literature I3
or ENG 342 American Literature II
British Literature
ENG 344British Literature I3
or ENG 345 British Literature II
Literary Traditions - Choose One
ENG 300Adolescent Literature3
or ENG 348 World Literature II
or ENG 355 Modern Fiction & the Tradition
or ENG 357 Modern Drama & the Tradition
or ENG 465 Shakespeare
or ENG 380 Major Authors
or ENG 386 Special Topics in Literature
Rhetoric and Expression - Choose One
ENG 245Advanced Writing3
or ENG 305 English Grammar and Usage
or ENG 350 Classical & Modern Rhetoric
Language and Grammar
ENG 305English Grammar and Usage3
or ENG 365 History of the English Language
Total Hours15
Additional Recommendations - ENG prefix classes count toward 18cr Minor
ENG 251Practicum in Writing Consultation3
ENG 475Literary Criticism3
ED 2252Best Practices in Engaging Adolescents in Literacy3