Theatre Certificate (M)

While pursuing a Theatre Certificate, Students will learn the history of Theatre and how it reflects the cultures and societies it derived from.  They will also learn the fundamentals of performance, management, budgeting, and stagecraft as they pertain to classroom engagement and extracurricular activity.  Students obtain a knowledge of the concept of teamwork and collaboration in developing a production, including the functions of the directors, playwrights, performers, designers, administrators, and other production staff.  They also gain substantial communication and analytical skills through public presentation and extensive literary analysis.


THTR 101Theatre Practicum1
THTR 120Orientation to Theatre3
or THTR 350 20th Century American Drama
THTR 254Producing Children's Theatre3
or THTR 371 Stage Directing
or THTR 310 Theatre Management and Stage Management
THTR 340Theatre in Education3
THTR 231Stagecraft I: Intro Stagecraft3
THTR 261Acting I: Introduction to Acting3
or THTR 269 Musical Theatre and Dancing
Total Hours16