Biblical Studies Minor (M)

The Biblical Studies minor forms students to serve Christ in the church and in the world with a focus on the Bible.  Students will learn the main message of the Bible and will begin to mine its depths in order to prepare for professional church work, study for graduate school in Christian theology or a related field, or be a more informed lay leader in a Christian congregation.  This study is a good foundation for further work not only in the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod but for all Christian denominations. 

As a student, you will explain and analyze the basic tenets of the Christian faith.  Through this understanding, you will apply the Christian worldview and doctrines to current situations and to historical programs and situations.  Grow in your relationship with Christ and put His teachings into practice in your own life.  


Required Core Courses
Old Testament
Biblical Theology
A Survey of Christian Thought
Required Courses
REL 203New Testament3
2 Courses in Biblical Content6
one Old Testament upper level Bible course and one New Testament upper level Bible course
Select either the language track or the theology track9
I. Language Track
Greek I
Greek II
Greek III
Hebrew I
Hebrew II
Hebrew III
II. Theology Track
Choose 9 credits of upper level REL courses (Biblical content courses are strongly recommended)
Total Hours18

This major/minor is not permitted to share (overlap) any credits with the core curriculum, with a major, with a minor, or with a certificate per departmental policy unless otherwise specified in the curriculum.