Youth Ministry Minor (M)

The Youth Ministry minor equips students to minister to the faith needs of young people. Students receive training to administer youth ministry programs in a variety of settings, or to serve in any number of support capacities for youth ministry within a congregation. The Youth Ministry minor is not restricted to students enrolled in professional church work programs. Students who are majoring in other fields of study and desire to be of service to youth through their congregational youth programs are encouraged to enroll.


Required Core Courses
Old Testament
Biblical Theology
Any REL course with a number above 204
Required Courses
COMM 201Interpersonal Communication3
HHP 209First Aid and CPR2
PSY 222Adolescent Development 13
REL 203New Testament (may be double-dipped with requirement in church work program)3
REL 227Youth Ministry: Theology and Practice3
REL 229Religious Education of Youth and Adults 2 3
REL 245Ministry Practicum (in youth ministry)3
REL 327Family-based Youth Ministry3
Total Hours23

Prerequisite PSY 101 General Psychology 


Lutheran teachers who have taken ED 2306 Teaching the Faith may take an outreach elective instead.

This major/minor is not permitted to share (overlap) any credits with the core curriculum, with a major, with a minor, or with a certificate per departmental policy unless otherwise specified in the curriculum.