Human Biology Minor (M)

A Human Biology minor is offered to those students who want to start with anatomy and physiology as a basis for understanding human biology.


Recommended Core Courses
Bioethical Dilemmas in Contemporary Society
Required Courses
BIO 191
BIO 192
Human Anatomy and Physiology I
and Human Anatomy and Physiology II
Select at least 13 credits from the following courses 113
BIO 149Medical Microbiology4
BIO 285Pathophysiology3
BIO 381Histology3
BIO 399Biology Internship 21-4
BIO 470Human Physiology4
BIO 499Undergraduate Research 24
RSC 302Advanced Anatomy4
Other classes with the approval of the chair of life and earth sciences
Total Hours21

Note that prerequisites may apply


No more than 4 credits of BIO 399 and/or BIO 499 may count towards minor requirements