Theological Languages Minor (M)

Students learn Hebrew and Greek in order to read the Bible and major theological works. The curriculum enables students to attain a high level of competency for reading the Bible in its original languages and is an excellent preparation for graduate work in theology. All pre-seminary students take at least the minor. 


Required Core Courses
Old Testament
Biblical Theology
Any REL course with a number above 204
Greek I
Required Courses 1
REL 203New Testament3
Select 21 credits in Theological Languages
GRK 202Greek II3
GRK 303Greek III3
GRK 304Greek IV3
HEB 301Hebrew I3
HEB 302Hebrew II3
HEB 401Hebrew III3
HEB 402Hebrew IV3
Total Hours24

This major/minor is not permitted to share (overlap) any credits with the core curriculum, with a major, with a minor, or with a certificate per departmental policy unless otherwise specified in the curriculum. 

Must include REL 203 New Testament (3 credits), theological languages in the core (3 credits), and theological languages in the minor (21 credits). It is recommended that students end up with 12 credits each of Greek and Hebrew, but if a student cannot complete the 12 credits each of Greek and Hebrew successfully, other language courses from the Theological Languages Major can be used to fulfill the 24 required credits for this minor.


Students who are planning to go to seminary should verify seminary requirements and take COMM 105 Public Speaking as necessary.