Management Major (M)

Students in the Management program will master current software for designing and managing business projects, while adopting proven project management tools and techniques at each stage in a project's life cycle. Coursework will prepare students to integrate organizational strategies that involve the parent, supplier, and sub-supplier organizations working together in domestic and global environments. A comprehensive business plan will be developed in a capstone experience. 

Program Learning Outcomes 

By fulfilling all of the course requirements for the Bachelor's of Science in Management, students will be able to:

1. Demonstrate the ability to use critical thinking skills in the business context

2. Demonstrate the ability to use creative thinking skills in the business context

3. Demonstrate strategic decision making skills in the development of a business plan

4. Develop knowledge of operations and management - planning, organizing, leading and controlling the resources of an organization

5. Demonstrate knowledge of human resource issues within the business organization

6. Understand and apply the dynamics of the marketing function, including product planning, pricing, promotion, channel management, and competition analysis

7. Apply basic accounting principles and construct and interpret financial statements


Core Requirements 145
Major Requirements48
Minor: Optional
Total Hours120

For transfer students, please see the Advanced Transfer Core.

Major Requirements

Required Core Courses
Business Statistics (counted in University Core)
Macroeconomics (counted in University Core)
Public Speaking
Interpersonal Communication
Core Business Requirements
ACCT 205Accounting & Finance for Business Professionals3
BUS 161Business Essentials3
or BUS 162 Quantitative Business Essentials
BUS 210Business Law I3
BUS 355Management Information Systems3
BUS 399Business Internship3
BUS 453Business Policy and Ethics (Business School Capstone)3
ECON 231Microeconomics3
MGMT 130Management & Leadership3
or MBA 544 People-Focused Management
MKTG 131Sales and Marketing3
Required Major Courses
MKTG 223Public Relations3
BUS 240Project Management3
BUS 272Organizational Management Principles3
MGMT 336Human Resource Management3
MGMT 345Diversity, Inclusion, and Human Relations3
MGMT 360Small Business Administration3
MGMT 472Managing Change3
Total Hours48