Liberal Arts (A)

The Liberal Arts major allows students to do a deep dive in those disciplines that comprise the liberal arts.  Supplementing the courses in the Core Curriculum, students have the ability to choose courses across disciplines that meet their interests and career needs.  Students taking this major are well-prepared for careers that value critical thinking, excellent problem-solving and communication skills, and the ability to work in fast-paced, changing environments.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Students will gain an understanding of the disciplines that comprise the liberal arts.
  • Students will gain the ability to think clearly and persuasively articulate their point of view.
  • Students will gain the skills to excel in many different fields.


Core Requirements45
Major Requirements56-57
Minor: Optional
Total Hours120-121

Major Requirements

Courses selected must NOT have been taken as part of the Liberal Arts Core.

Not all course offerings are available at both the CUAA and CUW campuses. Please check with your advisor about course availability.

Required Courses
English 1
ENG 245Advanced Writing3
Select one of the following:3
American Literature I
American Literature II
World Literature I
Select one of the following:3
British Literature I
British Literature II
Select two of the following:6
American Civilization
Non-Western World
Historical Methods
Mathematics/Computer Science
Select two the following:6
College Algebra
Calculus I
Calculus II
Calculus III
Statistics I
Statistics II
Foundations of Computer Science (must precede other CS courses)
Theory and Fundamentals of Computer Science
Systems Integration
Coding I- Fundamentals
COMM 105Public Speaking3
or COMM 201 Interpersonal Communication
Select two of the following:6
Creative Arts: Music
Music Theory I
Music Ensembles
ART 2XX Studio Courses at the 200 level or above
Physical Development
Select one of the following:2
Wellness Boot Camp
School and Community Health
Healthy Lifestyles
Psychology of Sport
Nutrition for Wellness and Performance
Technology in Health and Human Performance
Motor Development
Any combination of Activity courses
Any two course sequence in a single language6
Select two of the following suggested courses: 26
Religion in America Today
A Survey of Christian Thought
Christian Ethics
World Religions
Select one PHIL course in the 200-300 range 3
Natural Science
Select one of the following: 33-4
General Biology I
Ecology of the Tropics
Social Science
SOC 203Contemporary Social Problems3
Senior Seminar
Select a senior seminar in selected discipline 3
Total Hours56-57

Must include at least one writing class


Any REL courses other than the basic courses in biblical content or doctrine (i .e ., other than REL 100 The Bible, REL 110 Christian Faith, REL 201 Old Testament, REL 203 New Testament, REL 204 Biblical Theology), and without “double-dipping” with the third core theology course.


SCI 100 Introduction to Natural Science for core.