Visual Communication Major (M)

The Visual Communication major consists of 58 credit hours of course work, 12-18 of which are completed through a cooperative program with the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design (MIAD). To enroll in MIAD courses, students must have a 3.50 minimum GPA in all prior course work in the major. MIAD is just a 25-minute drive from our Mequon Campus and offers the very latest in graphic design technologies. A student graphic design lab is available on the Concordia University campus for students completing course work at MIAD. In addition to the 45-credit Liberal Arts core requirements and required courses listed , all Visual Communication majors are encouraged to complete a minor. An Animation minor is strongly recommended to help students develop the skills they will need to channel their talents into a successful career. Program requirements include purchase of a Mac laptop (available at reduced prices via

For specific information about MIAD courses please visit the MIAD website at

Program Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • Formulate and creatively solve visual problems.
  • Communicate effectively in a range of media.
  • Apply appropriate historical knowledge in the creation, description and analysis of works of visual art. Art and design are viewed as technical, spiritual/philosophical, and social endeavors.
  • Demonstrate technical proficiency and aesthetic sensibility relative to observational drawing, composition, and the manipulation of visual arts media, including appropriate computer/digital applications.
  • Evaluate personal art work and the art work of others.
  • Selflessly share gifts and skills with others through teaching, community activities, and volunteerism.
  • Prepare documents/artifacts and practice strategies to seek employment or to advance in a chosen field.


Core Requirements45
Major Requirements
Concordia Required Courses45
MIAD Required Courses12
CUW or MIAD Major Elective6
Minor: Optional (18 Credits Minimum)
Total Hours120

Major Requirements

Required Courses (Concordia Campus)
ART 1112-D Composition3
ART 130Digital Photography I3
ART 145Drawing for Art Majors3
ART 246Color & Media Dynamics3
ART 282Typography I3
ART 285Art History I3
ART 286Art History II3
ART 310History of Design3
ART 3123-D Modelling3
ART 450Senior Portfolio/Exhibition1
GD 110Graphic Design I3
GD 111Graphic Design II3
GD 360Web Design I3
GD 361Web Design II3
GD 460Graphic Outlook-Practicum I3
Electives: any CUW or MIAD Major Elective6
Required Courses (MIAD Campus)
CD 200Communication Design I3
CD 201Communication Design II3
CD 203Typography II3
CD 305Communication Design III3
Total Hours61