Mathematics Major (M)

The Mathematics Department at Concordia University primary goal is to build competencies in the understanding, communication, and application of mathematics. Concordia math students will gain an appreciation of mathematics as an appropriate discipline to investigate God’s universe as they analyze mathematical structures and apply mathematical problem-solving strategies to a variety of real-world problems.

The Mathematics major will give you a deep comprehension of areas like calculus, linear algebra, differential equations, geometry, abstract algebra and real analysis.  You'll be able to solve and understand differential equations, sequences and series, vector-valued functions, partial derivatives, functions and algorithms.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of mathematics, including algebra, geometry, probability, and analysis
  • Apply mathematical problem-solving strategies in a variety of real-world applications
  • Demonstrate the ability to apply mathematical statistics to interpret information
  • Demonstrate the ability to prove and disprove conjectures
  • Communicate mathematical concepts in oral, symbolic, and written forms
  • Apply and appreciate mathematics as an appropriate paradigm in order to investigate God’s creation


Core Requirements45
Major Requirements40
Minor: Optional
Total Hours120

Major Requirements

Required Courses
CSC 150 Foundations of Computer Science3
MATH 201Calculus I4
MATH 202Calculus II4
MATH 203Calculus III4
MATH 205Statistics I (satisfies the mathematics requirement in the core)3
MATH 220Discrete Math3
MATH 305Statistics II3
MATH 321Abstract Algebra3
MATH 325Linear Algebra and Differential Equations4
MATH 331Geometry3
MATH 441Real Analysis3
MATH 490Math Senior Seminar3
Total Hours40