Justice & Public Policy Major (M)

A Bachelor of Science in Justice and Public Policy (JPP) from CUWAA will help you understand how administrative law, along with procedural, and substantive criminal laws apply to effecting arrest search and seizure, evidence collection, and courtroom procedures. You’ll learn best practices pertaining to field and custodial interviews, criminal investigations, and procedures involving juvenile. If you are considering an advanced degree, an introductory courses in criminal justice research methods and criminal psychology will prepare you to understand sociological, psychological, bio-physiological, and free-will theories, while learning how to apply theory to practice within the American civil and criminal court systems, correctional system, and justice system.

What does all that add up to? It creates a foundation for a career in a wide variety of criminal justice related fields by giving you quality instruction. One hundred percent of all faculty have certifications and/or extensive experience in their respective field. This lends itself to practical and experiential guidance in blending your personal and professional ethical values within a system of justice and public policy.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Students will professionally and effectively communicate through writing and oral presentations using appropriate criminal justice terminology.
  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of theories of the causes of criminal activity and public policies that aid in crime prevention.
  • Students will accurately describe the role and function of law enforcement, corrections, juvenile procedures, and the courts in society.
  • Students will evaluate the effectiveness of criminal justice and security professional in crime prevention and in criminal justice prosecutions.
  • Students will be able to gather, analyze and evaluate relevant information to create ethical legal decisions based upon Christian principles.
  • Students will demonstrate the practical application of criminal justice research theory and numeracy needed to propose criminal justice research that adds to current research knowledge, restructures or changes current research knowledge, or adds new knowledge to the criminal justice research process.


Core Requirements 145
Major Requirements42
Minor: Optional
Total Hours120

Major Requirements

Required Courses
JPP 102Introduction to Law Enforcement3
JPP 103Criminology3
JPP 104Introduction to Courts3
JPP 110Juvenile Justice Theory3
JPP 150Introduction to Probation and Parole3
JPP 206Corrections in America3
JPP 207Substantive Criminal Law3
JPP 214Criminal Investigation3
JPP 255Stress Management3
JPP 308Procedural Criminal Law3
JPP 310Administrative Law3
JPP 311Criminal Psychology3
JPP 399Career & Internship in Justice and Service3
JPP 415Ethics in Justice and Public Service3
Recommended Electives
Environmental Law & Politics
Criminal Justice Research Methods
Forensic Investigation
Organized Crime
Special Topics in Criminal Justice
White Collar Crime
Total Hours42