Actuarial and Data Sciences (M)

The Actuarial and Data Science program combines the skills and knowledge taught in Concordia’s data science program and eight courses in our current Actuarial Science program to create a major that is uniquely suited for a career as an actuary.  The driving force behind this new program is the Society of Actuaries encouraging more data science in Actuarial Science curricula.  The data science portion of the program contains courses in math, data science, and computer science, while the actuarial science classes emphasize accounting and finance.  Together these skills will prepare students for rewarding and challenging jobs in actuarial science.

Program Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will solve real-world problems by applying the concepts and strategies of actuarial and data science, using computer software tools when appropriate.
  • Students will communicate effectively using oral, written, and symbolic formats.
  • Students will be prepared to pass The Society of Actuaries Exam P.
  • Students will be prepared to pass The Society of Actuaries Exam FM.
  • Students will analyze and interpret data using an ethical approach stemming from a Christian worldview.


Core Requirements45
Major Requirements52
Total Hours120

Major Requirements

Required Courses
Calculus I (Counts as Core)
MATH 202Calculus II4
MATH 205Statistics I3
CSC 200Coding I- Fundamentals3
CSC 250Coding II - Algorithms3
CSC 430Database Fundamentals3
DSAA 200Introduction to Data Science and Analysis3
DSAA 300Data Mining and Predictive Analysis3
DSAA 310Visual Analytics3
DSAA 400Senior Research Seminar3
BUS 399Business Internship3
ACCT 203Financial Accounting3
FIN 300Principles of Finance3
FIN 310Basic Investing3
FIN 315Principles of Insurance3
FIN 321Financial Math for Actuaries3
FIN 322Probability and Statistics for Actuaries I3
FIN 424Advanced Excel for Financial Analysis3
Total Hours52