Spanish Major (M)

In order to be of service in the Church and in the World, the Department of Multicultural Studies helps students gain communicative and cultural competence in order to reach out to those in other places.

A semester or summer of study abroad is also required for a major. Required courses for the major may be fulfilled during study abroad . SPAN 101 Beginning Spanish I and SPAN 102 Beginning Spanish II do not count toward the major.
The Spanish major consists of 33 hours of course work including an in-depth study of language courses, as well as courses in culture, civilization, literature, linguistics, advanced grammar, and Spanish for the professions.  The major is intended to either compliment a double-major, be a stand-alone major, or can also be studied in conjunction with the Education K-12 major through the School of Education.  The major is designed to prepare students for linguistic proficiency and cultural competency to meet the demands of the diverse working world, and to live out Concordia’s mission of service to Christ in the Church and the World.  Incoming students are encouraged to meet with faculty from the Multicultural Studies department to determine placement in the language course sequence.  The highest placement allowed by Concordia is Span 301, and retroactive credits are available for prior courses (down to Span 101) upon successful completion of the initial language course taken at Concordia. 

Program Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • Demonstrate a historical and contemporary understanding of Christian Faith as it intersects with other major worldviews in the Hispanic World
  • Evaluate cultural practices and perspectives of the target cultures with their own by comparing and contrasting.
  • Evaluate cultural practices, studies of race and ethnicity, language, faith, and culture through a wide range of disciplines.
  • Critically analyze and authentic text in the target language.
  • Create oral discourse with the appropriate level of proficiency
  • Create and evaluate their own writing in the target language and demonstrate an appropriate level of grammatical fluency
  • Analyze data effectively to gain cultural insights on the diverse nature of the Spanish-speaking world.


Core Requirements45
Major Requirements33
Minor: Optional
Total Hours120

Major Requirements

Required Courses
SPAN 201Intermediate Spanish I3
SPAN 202Intermediate Spanish II3
SPAN 301Spanish Conversation and Composition3
SPAN 307Linguistics3
SPAN 331Advanced Spanish Grammar3
SPAN 490Senior Seminar3
Major Electives
Upper level electives in Spanish 15
Total Hours33
A semester or summer of study abroad is also required for a major. Required courses for the major may be fulfilled during study abroad . SPAN 101 Beginning Spanish IBegin Spanish I and SPAN 102 Beginning Spanish IIBegin Spanish II do not count toward the major.